The Right Way To Style Single Malt Scotch Whisky

– Clear or very pale yellow normally means the whisky is young

– A yellow or gentle golden coloration often means it was aged in a new cask or bourbon barrel and can usually be gentle and sweet

– Deep goldenrod shade often indicates a properly-aged expression from a bourbon barrel

– Reddish hues often point out sherry or port casking

– Green to brown color usually signifies earthy/mineral and herby/vegetation flavors; typically with some charred character

– Deep darkish whisky is usually matured in port of sherry casks but often quite charred

This is the glass for these in the know. It’s a firm favourite for skilled judges of main competitions and severe style makers alike, which suggests it just about scores all of the factors. The NEAT Glass draws out all the intriguing, unique flavours of whisky with a glass that uses Naturally Engineered Aroma Know-how to unlock the hidden dimensions of your drink.

The bottles by which the Karuizawa malt is offered are decorated with Noh masks – the Noh is Sino Japanese for talent, craft or expertise which properly describes the care with which the whisky has been made. Noh theatre is a singular type of dance-drama carried out in Japan because the 14th century integrating masks, elaborate costumes, props and music with chanted drama and dance primarily based on outdated conventional tales.

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