The Death Penalty: Aka Capital Punishment Minti: User-generated blogs discuss pregnancy, parenting, childhood and education. All ad revenue from the site is used to fund the education of 5-year-old Ugandan twin girls, Princess and Perfect. Betty Confidential: A fast-growing women’s site that features celebrity news and lifestyle content. Babble: A community for new parents with advice, recipes, news and resources, plus a witty blog called Strollerderby. Birds On the Blog: This London blog features career advice and breaking women’s-interest news from 11 resident bloggers (aka “the birds”). Brazen Careerist’s Blog: Serial entrepreneur Penelope Trunk writes about work and life for over 40,000 subscribers. I got laid off and have been looking for work. Alexandra Levit: A career blog by author and journalist Alexandra Levit that regularly dispenses wisdom on all things work. Author’s Bio: popular cam girl Robert Siciliano personal security and identity theft expert and speaker is the author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Identity Was Stolen.

I wish you would be honest – with yourself and with everyone else. The price for his services is negotiable, for example the one-day touring trip in Pattaya or in Bangkok and its surroundings. In addition to feature articles on advice, it features an extensive business directory of female services and businesses. Until our society’s gender blindness, sexist beliefs and double standards are corrected, scores of female sex and love addicts will be deprived of timely, effective and compassionate addiction services. On the other hand, media reports on male sex addicts include powerful celebrities whose sex drive has led them astray (Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas and David Duchovny). Lemondrop: This edgy women’s lifestyle site features posts on love, sex and beauty. Also, just a heads up, from the research I’ve done, most submissions don’t get you anything besides bragging rights but there are a handful of sites out there that’ll pay for just the best free Webcam sites sex stories.

One Doe, who says she received $2,000 in payment, rather than the promised $5,000, alleges she was told they had knocked her pay due to “bruises.” Another, who received just $400 instead of $2,000 of agreed pay, claims she had experienced extreme pain and tried to cut the shoot short. To determine which sites and blogs made the cut we looked for compelling and decidedly female-oriented content, outstanding design, an active community and frequent updates. Hybrid Mom: This community for moms features articles and blogs on parenting and work, as well as a digital marketplace where users can buy and sell their products. DivineCaroline: A curated blog platform for women, DivineCaroline hosts entertaining and thoughtful content about work, travel, style and relationships. BlogHer: The premier women’s blog platform is celebrating its fifth year this year–and it’s still going and growing strong. Martha Stewart Living: The digital platform of powerhouse Martha Stewart features inspired tips, recipes and guides to perfecting the home.

Glam: This women’s style site features beauty advice, must-have products and celebrity fashion trends. Womensenews and Birdsontheblog are veritable Twitter-fast scrolls of stories and features for and by women. We’re delighted to present this list of ForbesWoman’s Top 100 Websites for Women. Here is the quick list of the top five dating sites in South Africa. There are plenty of opportunities for those men who show that they want to connect with women on a more intimate level than simply having a quick “one nighter”. Twitter follower @abbycar was quick to respond when we asked our community for their favorite Web resources, and her response: “85Broads!” was quickly echoed on both Twitter and Facebook, and happens to be an editors’ favorite as well. Count Me In: This community for women business owners offers career resources, webinars, blogs and a network for female entrepreneurs. Nice offering of blogs from members on work-life issues.

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