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Players irrespective of their age, race and sex can play this game from anywhere in the world. Frequency of page updates also play a role in freshness. 144. Dwell Time: Google pays very close attention to “dwell time”: how long people spend on your page when coming from a Google search. 19. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI): LSI keywords help search engines extract meaning from words that have more than one meaning (for example: Apple the computer company vs. 16. Content Length: Content with more words can cover a wider breadth and are likely preferable in the algorithm compared to shorter, superficial articles. If so, Google has said that this content “may not be indexed”. 13. Keyword in Description Tag: Google doesn’t use the meta description tag as a direct ranking signal. 11. Keyword in Title Tag: Although not as important as it once was, your title tag remains an important on-page SEO signal. 20. LSI Keywords in Title and Description Tags: As with webpage content, LSI keywords in page meta tags probably help Google discern between words with multiple potential meanings. Adding or removing entire sections is more significant than switching around the order of a few words or fixing a typo.

digilander.libero.it I started fixing computers and teaching software skills in 1990. I was 32 years old. I’ve happily been with my husband for 8 years. “Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains rarely are used for more than a year. 62. Bullets and Numbered Lists: Bullets and numbered lists help break up your content for readers, making them more user friendly. 41. “Hidden” Content on Mobile: Hidden content on mobile devices may not get indexed (or may not be weighed as heavily) vs. 23. Page Loading Speed via Chrome: Google also uses Chrome user data to get a better handle on a page’s loading time. If so, that page may get a rankings boost for that keyword. 12. Title Tag Starts with Keyword: According to Moz , title tags that starts with a keyword tend to perform better than title tags with the keyword towards the end of the tag.

14. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag: H1 tags are a “second title tag”. 58. WordPress Tags: Tags are WordPress-specific relevancy signal. But it still acts as a relevancy signal. 59. Keyword in URL: Another relevancy signal. While controversial, many in SEO think that a well-coded page is used as a quality signal. 57. Page Category: The category the page appears on is a relevancy signal. 29. Image Optimization: Images send search engines important relevancy signals through their file name, alt text, title, description and caption. Images by Thinkstock and YouTube. If you saw a professional camera such as used by professional photographers in business and architectural photography in CA, you might think that they are the only ones who can snap a perfect photo. He laughs to himself and looks around as the camera stays on him. To fetch such mobile widgets, clients need to bind up with any of the mobile network operators which include Three, O2, Virgin, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone who are offering deals like Mobile Phones contract deals, sim free deals & pay as you go deals.

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