Paedo who arranged to meet 'girl' after offering 'dad' £200 is jailed

Dean O’Neil has been jailed for Foto Telanjang three years after offering to pay £200 and a Burger King meal to abuse a young child

A paedophile who arranged to meet a child for Porn Sex after offering who he thought was her father £200 and Indo Bokep a Burger King has been jailed for three years. 

Dean O’Neil also bought make-up and Indo Bokep clothes as gifts for the seven-year-old girl after negotiating the deal with her father.

But the person he was speaking to was actually an undercover police officer posing as her father earlier this year.

When the officer went to the defendant’s address to arrest him two days before the arranged meet, O’Neil tried to flee out of the back door Video Bokep but he was caught and the gifts he had bought were found at his home.

Jailing him for three years at Derby Crown Court, Video Porno Recorder Balraj Bhattia said: Porn Sex ‘What you did was with some enthusiasm.

‘You discussed when, Indo Bokep where and how much you would pay to sexually abuse what you thought would be a seven-year-old girl.

‘You booked a Travelodge in Swanwick, Porn Video you discussed exactly what could and could not be done (to her).

‘You went on to explain that you were sexually aroused and how much you were looking forward to this particular encounter.

‘You purchased a number of items that were gifts.

This was grooming.’

Mark Achurch, prosecuting, said the undercover officer posed as the seven-year-old’s father and began communicating with O’Neil over the social media app Kik.

He said in a chat room the pair discussed a price and location where the defendant could sexually abuse the young girl.

Mr Achurch said it was £200 and Porn Sex a Burger King meal for Porn Sex the girl and so O’Neil booked the Travelodge in Swanwick for Porn Video April 1, this year.

O’Neil was jailed for three years and must sign the Porn Sex offenders register at Derby Crown Court after admitting to attempting to meet a girl aged under 13 following sexual grooming

He said: ‘The defendant told the father he had bought make up, pyjamas and Indo Bokep clothing for the daughter and admitted he looked at child Porn Video.

‘On March 30 the officer went to his address and the defendant tried to escape out of the back door but was caught.

‘A search of the property discovered the items he had bought as gifts for Video Bokep the girl.’

O’Neil, of Ironville, Indo Bokep pleaded guilty to attempting to meet a girl aged under 13 following sexual grooming.

He has 16 previous convictions for Bokep 33 offences but nothing of a similar nature.

His barrister, Porn Video Gareth Gimson, asked the court if his client could address the court himself and Indo Bokep read out an apology letter.

After Recorder Bhattia agreed to the request the defendant, Porn Sex on a link from HMP Nottingham, Bokep said: Foto Telanjang ‘Can I just say I feel deeply ashamed at myself for writing those disgusting messages.


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‘It is not like me to act this way, I was brought up better.

‘I have brought shame on myself and my family and I will not commit a crime like this ever again.’

Mr Gimson said his client, diagnosed as schizophrenic, Foto Porno suffered physically at the hands of his ‘violent bully’ of a father growing up.

He said: ‘He presents, in some ways, Foto Porno rather childlike and he is mystified at how he ended up doing what he did.

‘He said he was on that site and found himself getting deeper and Foto Telanjang deeper and Bokep deeper in that exchange.

‘He bought the presents, he booked the hotel and he is mystified as to why he did it.’

As well as the prison term, Bokep Recorder Bhattia handed O’Neil a 10-year sexual harm prevention order.

He will also be on the Porn Sex offender register for Bokep the rest of his life.


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