How To Wear Lingerie At Work When You’re Male

At the intersection of State Line (which is where psycho attorney in 2005 said he drives down every morning to work) an officer in a Prairie Village uniform (I don’t think I was anywhere near Prairie Village), while sitting in a cruiser marked Mission Hills, addressed me verbally, while he was standing at the light and I was waiting for the light to change to cross the street into Missouri. Standing below, watching not only his clothes but his marriage being cast away, the husband must face both his neighbors, who have by this point gathered to see what the fuss is but also himself as he gathers his clothes in a huge bundle. There were three trolls who challenged me verbally, then an older man who verbally assaulted me (presenting himself as the manager), and threatened to call the police. Once perpetrators cause the victims’ homelessness, police are then free to repeatedly make gaslighting remarks about how you must be mental, simply by the fact of homelessness, never acknowledging that it is due to their enduring, complete and utter incompetence and corruption.

I would not show him my DL due to officers repeatedly asking for and taking my DL for no reason (identity theft in process and I have yet to receive a simple identity theft police report from Mission). Once perpetrators cause the loss of vehicle, police excessively stop the stalking victim simply for walking, inquiring of mental health status due to walking. Perpetrators try to “trash victims up,” including busting their bodies, and rot victims’ teeth clear out, then will sit and mock the victim regarding their dental status and appearance which they caused. I have never had such a problem before peacefully walking through the Mission Hills Country Club, but on a previous visits I had left my website address for the managers, and documents for Mr. McCandless, then on the prior visit two perpetrating Missouri attorneys were playing golf trying to intimidate or threaten me, but I thought to myself I can put my nose up in the air, too, and did.

Additionally, while at the intersection of Shawnee Mission Parkway and State Line Road, the officer asked me if I wanted medical attention. I repeatedly asked why I was being arrested, and I could not catch my breath in the cruiser he left me sitting in alone while he talked to the other officers in multiple cruisers. He asked me if I was the one at the golf course. Just off Pennsylvania Avenue, a block from the White House then occupied by Bill and Hillary Clinton, was one of America’s raunchiest sex clubs for couples only – dedicated to wife-swapping and uninhibited rough sex gif with strangers. Now imagine being surrounded by multiple males in uniform on an old, dark, cold country road with them forcing you, literally, into an ambulance you clearly do not in any way need, then having the hospital refuse to even document your known physical injuries, but more than willing to engage in high level gaslighting at St. Luke’s Northland, where you immediately refuse medical attention, but are billed anyway.

Keep in mind if you see someone who appears to be methed that multiple perpetrator stalkers meth even toddlers by spiking their food in their own homes here in and around Kansas City, which results in no known charges. Can someone tell law enforcement what “drugging someone is?” They feign ignorant of everything else. You can even use the site for free! Alternately, use a digital camera and inspect the picture on your PC. I took a picture of my female friends ID. He took me to the Prairie Village police station, (Toni was a Prairie Village dispatcher years ago, 1997 or so), pulling around in back. While some of the live cam sites in our lists will remain there for years to come, others will be replaced if we think we’ve found a better one. I reported it four years ago, and it still has not stopped. He handcuffed me behind my back, which was also hurting my back injuries and sat me in the cruiser while 4 or 5 other cruisers pulled up making a scene. Shake down. Testing, 1, 2, 3. They almost got him to back down, but he seems to persist in filming out of fear.

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