Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool review: Dyson’s new air multiplier won’t blow your socks off

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Dyson dropped a widely refreshed vacuum lineup on us this morning, and managed to squeeze in the debut a new air multiplier, as well. Dubbed the AM09 and sporting the same space-age looks as its predecessors, the new bladeless fan blows both hot and cold, and offers users the choice between a focused stream of air or wider, whole-room coverage.

Like most Dyson products, it’s a beautiful, functional appliance. It also costs $450 or AU$769 (oddly for a British product, UK prices aren’t available, but the US price converts to £295) — that’s $50 more than the starting price of the original Dyson Hot. That’s a fairly exorbitant amount of money to spend on a space heater, even one offering high-end looks and year-round climate management. If the price doesn’t freeze you out of buying one outright, it’s a perfectly good appliance, but understand that you’re paying for name-brand luxury — not a patently better heater.

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