A Wife Is A Gift From God

The whole room was filled with her moans with the rhythm of my balls slapping her ass. She placed her head on my shoulder & the whole scene was romantic, slow music, faint perfume & above all a pretty woman beside me. Her juices were flowing continuously & it was only then I realized that the more beautiful a woman is, the tastier her juices are. Your spiritual maturity will be most important to a “good” woman. I was determined to be a really really really good girl now. Porn will destroy a marriage and learning to put away that sin is paramount for you to be granted the desire of your heart. I put her legs on my shoulder & slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. Many contemporary cultures would yet have one bringing in a doctor’s leave or put one under an inquisition on an alleged lack of sex activity – whoever that would be to decide on what is lacking. At the same time I was taking due care of both of her boobs by squeezing one & sucking the other. I simply just want to lie on the bed and masturbate, but decided against it and quickly taking a shower sex gif dressed up for the meeting.

We moved to her bed room & on the way I was holding her boobs & tweaking her nipples from behind. I saw two beautiful globes with her nipples clearly poking outside.. Her nipples were about half an inch long & inviting. To this day, Google will not remove those links from their search-engine results. She let me go only after I promised her that I will satisfy her whenever she needs me. Both of us were sweating & her hairs were spread on the white pillow. As she bent over me to suck my manhood, her long silky hairs fell on my stomach & covered the sucking scene from me. She caught my hairs & pulled my face closer to her pussy. When I planted a kiss on her pussy lips, she started moaning in whisper & making sounds like sssssssssss ssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I made slow pushes & she was moaning mmmmmmmm ooooooooohhh & at the same time pulling me inside her by putting her hands around my waist & ass. I don’t think I’ll look at a guys package in the same way again. I have changed from someone who had strong urges to dress as female, whist still being quite masculine and very afraid to show any femininity in my nature as a guy, to so someone who vary rarely dresses but at the same time is more feminine in everyday life.

In her earlier mails she had told me about her husband who would quarrel with her everyday for no reasons at all. When I told one of the property owners about my experience she was stunned. I surely enjoyed my first experience. She was shy & afraid as this was the first time she was meeting a guy after her marriage, who was not her husband. My first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into the vagina. My cock sprang to its fullest size revealing the flesh with a few drops of pre cum. My cock was deliberately waiting to be freed. I nip his cheeks and lick his crack and then I see his hole just waiting for my tongue. He pushed his tongue into me and flicked at my clitoris. I pushed her hair towards a side & enjoyed the scene of my cock being tasted by a real beauty. But nobody would even care to look at her that she was an human being but not a sex toy and would never care for her feelings. Wilhelm Reich’s, ideas influenced generations of intellectuals which lead to such innovations in human therapy as psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, bioenergetic analysis and primal therapy.

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I feel sad when people spread negative rumors. I spread her legs & surprisingly she was ready within no time. I slid her panty down threw it on the bed and stood up to remove my clothes, within no time I was naked in front of her, my 9″ shaft standing in an envious. She took the cock & moving its shaft back, she took it in her mouth. So Suddenly I pulled her away from my cock & she looked at me in anger. She seemed to be regaining her strength & I immediately stopped as my hungry hard cock was craving for her pussy. She had a clean shaved pussy (which I like) & I got down to kiss on her pussy lips. Slowly I increased my pace & her moans got louder. We had sex many times & recently she shifted over to a nearby town as her husband had got some business orders for a few months. When we met the last time she hugged me & wept bitterly as she had to stay away from me for the next few months.

I started licking her pussy as if I was starving from months & she started yelling aaaahhhhhhhh deeeeeeper Deepak pleaseeeeeeeeeee. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy & started finger fucking her. While fucking her faster, I caught hold of her thighs which were on my shoulders & would nibble those milky white thighs & she was in the heaven. I was sucking one while kneading the other. After one hour I went the back side of my room and I peeped into her room at that time she was watching this cd on her PC and was trying to masturbate. Slowly I made her lie on her back & moved towards her belly button. I made her lie on her back & started to remove her panty. She started making sounds like sssssssssshhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh & pulled me nearer. She was quicker than me; she pulled my face towards her & placed her lips over mine. We French kissed & sucked each other’s lips for about 10 mins & she pulled her hair band.

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